What's New at ProdPerfect?

September 05, 2019 | 0 Comments | Erik Fogg

Supporting Pre-Stage Environments

ProdPerfect is now running in Heroku Review Apps and other ephemeral environments! Our platform now supports targeting pre-staging environments that are spun up by your team to test feature branches during the pull request. This marks a huge step for us better supporting Continuous Testing.

Requesting Skipped Tests

In our test result Web Portal, you can also now request a test to be skipped. This is a great option for when your team pushes a UI change without a regression, to get a failing test offline and into the update queue. This will keep the test from blocking the next build.  Check out our demo below:


Skip Test Request


How ProdPerfect is Changing the Game for Clients

"It makes sense.  Our regression tests should cover what our users are doing."  -Thorsten Hemann, CTO, Optilyz

"The ROI on ProdPerfect is really obvious...less mindshare for me and my leadership team." -John Rodley, VP of Engineering, Elemental Machines

"Now I’m confident enough that I just updated 75 [Ruby] Gems at once, which was unimaginable before." -Forrest Blount, CTO, Bridge US 

"Knowing that our integration tests are constantly up-to-date and protecting our core workflows has empowered our engineering and product teams to deliver more efficiently." -Tom Jaklitsch, CTO, Negotiatus

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